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Semester – I
UEC01.     Soft Skills
ITCC01.    Advanced Database Management System
ITCC02.    Object Oriented Analysis and Design
ITCC03.    Advanced Computer Networks
ITCC04.    Web Content Management Systems
ITCC05.    Project – I

Semester - II
UEC02.     Cyber Security
ITCC06.    Enterprise Resource Planning
ITCC07.    Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
ITCC08.    Linux Systems and Network Administration
ITEC01.    Elective – I
ITEC01 (A)     Advanced .Net Technologies
ITEC01 (B)     Advanced Java
ITEC01 (C)     Python Programming
ITCC09.    Project – II

Semester - III
ITCC10.    Data Science and Big Data Analytics
ITCC11.    Information Security
ITCC12.    Software Testing and Quality Assurance
ITEC02.    Elective – I
ITEC02 (A)     Advanced Computing Technology
ITEC02 (B)     Mobile Application Development
ITEC02 (C)     Machine Learning Techniques
ITEC03.    Elective – II
ITEC03 (A)     Cloud Computing Technologies
ITEC03 (B)     IOT and Applications
ITEC03 (C)     Image Processing
ITCC13.    Project – III

Semester - IV
ITCC14.    IT Project